The use of GNU, Linux/UNIX, and Open Source software at Texas A&M's High Performance Research Computing group

Room 3
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Although the University of Texas's TACC is the leader in the nation for providing access to researchers to high performance computing (HPC), our ""little school"" down the road also maintains HPC systems for researchers. Linux and open source software are key to being able to do that. With less people than you have fingers on your hand, we (do our best to) maintain the following clusters as well as a number of auxilliary systems, help desk workstations, and workstations for our users. Almost all entirely through open source software.

Here are some of our clusters:

This talk could cover any number of topics:
- different flavors of kernel/distro used on our different architectures
- xCAT for cluster management
- cfengine2 for workstation management
- EasyBuild for cluster software stack deployment
- Lmod (courtesy of TACC) for user environment modules
- etc. the list goes on